After 4 weeks, it’s finally here…the final 2! Of Matsing that is. What happened to this tribe to make them one of the worst performing ones in Survivor history? Was it bad physical matchups, inability to communicate with one another? Was it being the tribe color of blue, the same as the ill fated Ulong tribe? Whatever the problem was Denise and Malcolm are the true superstars of this season making it through total annihilation (not decimation). But Malcolm and Denise were smart not to take too long to celebrate as they tried yet again to find an idol. Malcolm deserved the idol which will protect him from an attempted blindside (the strongest always needs the most protection going into an upcoming merge).

            Malcolm and Denise were the most prized real estate this week when they became absorbed and were brought into the new tribes. The upside of being down is the ability to regroup with little to no interference and becoming the swing vote at the right times.

            Denise didn’t have a problem as the mother/mediator of Matsing, so it will be easier for her to slip into that role again on Kalabaw. Malcolm will need to allow his Tandang competitors to keep stepping up and winning challenges and find a new trustworthy player to work with if Denise and him don’t get reunited. Sharing an idol wouldn’t be a bad idea but he’s going to have to choose wisely. Maybe he can benefit from a Lisa/Skupin alliance and overthrow Pete down the line.

                The reward challenge…excuse me, #REWARDCHALLENGE was simple and good (John Kirhoffer took a creative day off) fun with muffins, biscuits, and cookies (Angie wouldn’t have been able to contain herself)! What’s with the physical contact in this weeks’ challenge? It seems like a simple game but it turns ugly pretty quickly. For once, Abi-Maria didn’t lash out at RC this week! Dawson didn’t mind playing dirty and if there isn’t any rules against it, it’s a free for all!


                Abi-Maria’s becoming the poor man’s Sandra this season. She’s putting herself in as little danger as possible by sitting out of the challenges, but her social game is going to be her undoing. Her being vocal about her low man on the totem pole position is going to hurt her in the end.

            Dana’s sickness was no joke. It’s easy to come up with conspiracy that she wanted out, but I don’t buy it. Being selected as one of the contestants is like getting a lottery ticket where the odds are 1 in 18. I doubt Dana felt that time in Ponderosa was worth more than a potential million dollars.

            Did Penner give Dana a case of the medevac virus? I’m surprised that Jeff Kent hasn’t been mentioned, let alone be the medevac this week. Whatever doesn’t kill you makes you stronger and this tribe is going to have to muster up all its strength next week to put a dent in Tandang.

            For the boys of Kalabaw, they need to consider turning on one of their own male members and not be so obvious about the all male alliance. Keeping a few of the women in the majority would cover up the alliance and make some good relationships with all genders of the tribe come the merge.

            Katie’s all women alliance is now defunct and she’s going to have to deal with the testosterone of Kalabaw (wouldn’t hurt to be a Natalie White at this point) and fly under the radar for a little while.

            Looks like Miss Dawson has a crush on Probst. Do we have another Julie Berry in the works? We will be able to tell that at the reunion if Jeff asks an unusually high number of questions to the pre jury boot (more than 1 is rare nowadays).

            With 12 people left in the game, I wonder how the merge/jury portion of the season is going to work out. Merges at 11 aren’t too uncommon, but it makes me wonder if Burnett and crew will pull a switcheroo from final 3 to final 2? I’ve always despised the final 3 wild card format and going back to final 2 would be a nice shot in the arm the season needs. A jury of 8 voting on 3 could result in a tie, but a jury of 9 voting on 2 wouldn’t result in a tie. It’s all just a matter of time until the rest of the season plays out and the dynamics are in full force.

            Survivor Live is back on cbs.com! Bill Posley from “Survivor: One World” hosts the new half hour talk show, picking up where Dalton Ross and Jenna Morasca left off in 2007.

            Can Tandang keep their winning streak up?

            Will the women of Kalabaw remain together?

            Is Malcolm going to overthrow Pete?


Get ready for episode 6 with the battle of Skupin Vs. Penner, only on CBS!


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