Saturday, September 24th, 2011


Poor Semhar. She trusted people and look where it got her. Jokes aside, Survivor is a relationship of some sorts, a very, very intense one where believing in people (to a degree) is needed. But not all relationships are meant to be. Semhar needs to take the time to heal and be her own best friend these next couple of days so she can be ready for the duel next week.

Cochran didn’t really reinvent himself this week, but he has regained confidence in himself, and was realistic of his limitations. He doesn’t need to be Superman and he realizes that. He’s still focused on the game which will surely develop in the weeks to come. Oh and Mrs. Cochran? Your son is a Harvard law student, he is more than capable of handling a machete and being out in the woods on his own!

Jim making the 3 + 2 plan reminded me of Survivor: Gabon’s onion alliance which slowly but surely got peeled. Physically and mentally strong players need to distance themselves a litle bit if they want to survive for the long haul. Jim’s comment being highlighted this early is a sign that a swap is coming, and alliances easily split up and rarely recovers.


Brandon confided in Coach, which was a huge secret to reveal this early in the game. It’s funny how he thinks trying to take out Mikayla will prevent history from happening again. But he’s already following in his Uncle’s legacy by being so skiddish and controlling, and willing to do whatever it takes to get his way.

Future advice to all Survivor players: leave morals, emotional baggage, and your bible at the door. Failure to do so will result in stress and permanent strain on self-esteem.


Christine made minimal progress on her hidden idol game, and ultimately lost the rest of her social game. She also walked up and down the beach so much she dug herself and her alliance plenty of graves. Christine wears her agenda on her sleeve, and her face, making herself seem like a hawk ready to swoop down on it’s prey. But there is always bigger predators out in the wild, and the hawk is no match for a Dragon Slayer! More on that later.


Ozzy found his second idol in his Survivor career, making the Russell factor a complete embarassment for production. If they are going to continue to hide idols, why not plant fake ones? It sounds a little out there, but limit the number of idols someone can have at one time and hide some decoys out for castaways to play, with the risk of being voted out much greater. It’s a twist worth exploring and could be a head turner every week. At least it’s not the Medallion of Power.


The immunity challenge looked like a Renaissance Faire was going down. Cochran needed a challenge like this where physical strength wasn’t the name of the game. Cochran and the women struggled, but slow and steady did pay off for Savaii as they figured out round 2. The Upolu men really blew it for the team with the puzzle solving part of the challenge. But they’ve got other tricks up their sleeves.

                                  Survivor South Pacific episode 02

Brandon nearly blew it for his alliance at tribal but thankfully Coach had him on the leash tight enough to stick with the master plan and vote Christine. Kudos to Coach for keeping a good sense of humor and not letting his opponent intimidate him. Tribal council can be a pressure cooker, and it’s easy to be defensive and reactive. If Christine thought be reiterating the “temporary player” quote to her tribe was a way to show strength and unity, it worked…just not in her favor.

Right now it’s a man’s world on Upolu, and the women are going to have to work on making Brandon crack in order to keep themselves in the game. A swap seems possible, but isn’t a guarantee. Remember the old days when the tribes were evenly matched and the gender line was even from the beginning? This is Coaches’ opportunity to make a dent in the tribe and solidify a core group until the end, even if only 1 other male can make it post merge.

                                Survivor South Pacific Christine

Oh and Christine, Redemption Island etiquette rules apply to living back on the island…DON’T WAKE YOUR FELLOW TRIBE MEMBER UP!

                                Semhar Tadesse

Who will win the first duel at Redemption Island? Will Brandon crack under the moral pressure of the game? How will Ozzy’s idol come into play?

See you next week!

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