Her season may have been over in the fall of 2008, but Gillian Larson of “Survivor Gabon: Earth’s Last Eden” hasn’t slowed down. Since 2011, she created and organizes Reality Rally, an outstanding charity fundraiser that helps raise money for www.michellesplace.org for those fighting for their lives with breast cancer

The 3rd annual Reality Rally is just 6 short weeks away and we caught up with Gillian from her very hectic schedule to get a sneak peek at what’s new this year.

Survivor Troy: How have you been since competing on the show?

Gillian Larson: “Life’s been great, so busy, it’s amazing…I still do speaking engagements and those can be seen on www.gillianlarson.com, of course Reality Rally that is huge and I have a new great granddaughter, Addison, born in December…I’m very busy and very happy!”

Survivor Troy: Where did you get the concept for Reality Rally?

Gillian Larson: “It started as an idea in my head after I was voted out of Gabon…I went walking for 5 hrs a day training for a 60 mile walk after I was booted and the concept came to me…without the 600 plus people to make it happen, it would still be an idea in my head…people are coming from all over including Wisconsin, South Carolina, Canada.”

Survivor Troy: What has been added this year?

Gillian Larson: “We have a new exciting promotional addition this year, a FaceBook application game designed and produced by www.firstpoststudios.com as a sponsor. It has 13 challenge checkpoints, flash games online done through FaceBook that promotes Reality Rally…that simulates challenge areas from the actual game. It’s scored and times your game, up your score and purchase tokens…the best part is you get to challenge with the stars!” It will be found on FaceBook Aps. Reality Rally Virtual after March 6th.

Survivor Troy: How hard is the rally physically?

Gillian Larson: “The rally was never intended to be a race; all ages can play…all the challenges are performed differently; mental, performing, crazy challenges…It is an experience going through 13 Challenge Checkpoints completing challenges put on by many of the Temecula organizations. Check them all out on www.realityrally.com

Survivor Troy: How did you like last season?

Gillian Larson: “I did like Philippines, because people played honorable strategic games, not mean…this was a game, and a lot of past seasons got so negative towards the end. I’m still not a huge fan of returning players or celebrities…players don’t get to be edited into the show, and it became the Lisa show after a while.”

Survivor Troy: What are your thoughts on the upcoming season, and the return of the fans vs. faves concept?

Gillian Larson: “I don’t mind 1-3 castaways…but the focus needs to be on the other castaways…what’s interesting with a season of returning players is everyone’s images change…particularly Rupert and Colby on Heroes vs. Villains. There not the same when they come back for a second or third time.”

Survivor Troy: Aside from the actual rally, what other events can people look forward to?

Gillian Larson: “There will be a party Friday night at the Wilson Creek Winery, its awesome…On Saturday there will be live music from the Kelly Cowan All Star Band…Erik Turner from Warrant, Brian Collins and Alex Jacobs from The Brian Collins Band and other talented reality stars will be there…it’s an awesome lineup!”

Survivor Troy: What did you do with your fang Buff®?

Gillian Larson: “My Buff® is in a fishbowl in a bookcase…with props from the show, including an elephant bone…I use them for speaking engagements…my Buff® means a symbol of accomplishment, 8 years of trying out, and I made it on!”

Survivor Troy: What did you think of the Buff® burning on Redemption Island/South Pacific?

Gillian Larson: “I hated Buff® burning! That was the only thing I didn’t like about the Redemption Island seasons was that…I know they got the idea from Randy when he threw his Buff® in the fire on Heroes Vs. Villains…would have refused to do it!”

Planet Buff® is proud to cover this years’ Reality Rally happening in Temecula, California, April 5-7, 2013.

Check out www.realityrally.com for all the info on registering, donating, and more, including a look at the open auction items!