Troy knows his number is up and that things with the tribe are about to get a little awkward. Living at the camp with all the women who have turned on you is hard. But having to still live with them is like breaking up and living with several ex-girlfriends, and a kooky relative (Tarzan) to boot. To make matters worse, the women tell Troyzan the one thing you don’t tell a guy: MAN UP! It’s a tough pill to swallow, but if Troyzan wants to stay in the game, he needs to heed the advice of his tribe. There’s one word in “Survivor” that shouldn’t be used, and the word is: deserving. I don’t care who deserves to be in the game more, and it’s a pathetic strategy the players in the minority use time and again, and all it does is cause a bigger rift in the tribe. Maybe the general viewing audience will care if the deserving player gets voted out, but that’s why there’s “America’s Favorite Player.” If Troyzan keeps his negative attitude going, he won’t be getting many votes for this award. He’s not getting mine. “Survivor” took another cue from “National Geographic” this week with an army of ants carrying away a scorpion. It would have been cool if it was a bunch of spiders eating some flies, but that’s wishful thinking. This weeks’ reward challenge…Survivor Auction, where everyone’s a winner! Well, almost everyone. Where else can someone get coffee and donuts for $160 (aside from Starbucks)? Kim got the best deal with her shower and chocolate and peanut butter. Kim reminds me of a certain winner from the Amazon who wasn’t afraid to show her stuff and get away with the win. Hopefully Kat counted her money before giving it to Jeff. More importantly, I hope Kat has her sales job after this episode. Sorry Tarzan, but I don’t think the money they give in the auction is real. In this economy, don’t expect a bonus from producers, only your stipend earned from your time on the show. “Survivor” has been filming back-to-back locations for a few years now, and producers will make any cutbacks necessary. Right on cue: advantage in the next immunity challenge for Troyzan! I’m all for an underdog, but helping him increase his odds in the next challenge is ridiculous. After all, isn’t an underdog supposed to beat the odds, not get a free pass? Troyzan’s aggressiveness worked this week when he looked for another (possibly) hidden immunity idol. If he can get everyone afraid of what’s to come and make everyone tired during the idol hunt, then it’s not a loss if he doesn’t find one. If Troyzan can’t find an idol in the coming weeks, he needs to whip out some arts and crafts skills and plant some red herring idols. Finally, the match we’ve all been waiting for: TARZAN VS. TROYZAN! One of the few times this season is the tribe rooting for its brash and slightly odd plastic surgeon for a win. Not to take anything away from Troyzan’s win, but using the second chance challenges was a bit of a cake walk for the jungle man. I’m happy as a viewer for Troyzan’s win, but there is such a thing as being a sore winner. Even Tarzan couldn’t help but stop and caution Troyzan. There’s something wrong when Tarzan is giving advice on someone else’s social game. Plan PB (for point blank) was a nice try, but too little too late. Even if his plan were to work, no one wants to be aligned with an explosive personality (it rubs juries the wrong way). There is such a thing as too little too late in the game, and trying to plan big when there aren’t many people left shows desperation, and a lack of relationships with the other players. Well Troyzan, at least you’ve got Probst as a member of your fan club. But his gushing and support are only going to cement the lid on your coffin which is going to slam shut once you lose immunity. Troyzan’s only hope for a long term strategy crumbled quickly this episode, and he’ll only have the male jury vote to count on for the win. If he does make it to the end with 2 other women, he’ll have 5 men on the jury to count on, but having gender support on the jury isn’t a guaranteed win. Look at Matthew from Amazon, Twila from Vanuatu, Danielle from Panama. On paper, all these players had the gender card working for them, but when it came to the final vote; their social games didn’t result in a win. If Tarzan’s voting pattern holds up, he’ll vote with the women (big surprise). Leif leaves the game (who was he again?), and now the only 2 guys left in the game are the 2 Tarzan wannabes. The producers wanted to cast these 2 as rival adversaries looking for an epic showdown, and it looks like next week we’ll get it! Is there another hidden idol in the game? Will Troyzan be able to keep his streak alive? Can the bottom feeders come together and overthrow Kim?