This week was the long awaited halftime spectacular a.k.a. the merge, and several tribe members had something to celebrate going into the newly formed, hideously named tribe, I’ll get to the name in a bit and my theory on that.

            Tandang went in with all tribe members intact never having been to tribal pre-merge (Koror from Palau and Moto from Fiji had all immunity wins as well, but thanks to twists from production still made a trip to tribal beforehand). Denise is the season’s only player to be a part of every TC. Even if she only makes the jury, she will be a part of every one this season.

            Jonathan Penner made the merge for the second time in his “Survivor” career, and Michael Skupin made his first merge ever in “Survivor.”  

            Good for Michael making this weeks’ merge. A bittersweet victory, but a victory nonetheless! Every step is a new one for Mike at this point, and he’ll need to take some caution (especially after Artis and Pete’s comments out of the blue comments the last few weeks).

After 17 days it’s refreshing to see Kent still has perspective. With 2 returning players still in the game, it’s foolish not to be thinking down the road to take out both guys. Kent needs to really look at his players and see if they are worth keeping or worth trading, the move he should consider if he wants to make it all the way.



Lisa’s move was so innocent and sincere; no one could begrudge her (except Malcolm a little) for being sneaky. Extra good call on Lisa for seeing that she’s not the only actor on the island (which is secretly the occupation of most reality stars these days). Malcolm is smart to worry about having 2 “moms” in his alliance, both being sympathetic come jury time, but for the meantime, the more the merrier.   



            Dangrayne? Really?! I don’t even know where to start with this one. It ranks up (or in this case down) with all time merged tribe names, next to Nobag. Is the name a coined term for the dang rain that’s been pouring down this season? It’s a stretch but with my Google searches coming up blank I’m willing to believe anything at this point.

            This weeks’ immunity challenge was classic Probst and classic Penner. Probst tells contestants to dig deep, contestants drop out, Probst comments more, Penner tells Probst to shut up. Penner at his finest!

            Denise finally got immunity, now she can feel safe at tribal council! But with her tribal council history and the first win for the women’s heat in this weeks’ challenge is going to be a point of discussion before the season’s over.

Jeff Kent’s comments this week to Carter about owing him are going to be the setup for this season’s ultimate betrayal. Kent’s confessionals are going to be interesting to watch to see if he can live up to his words in alliances this season (and deliver the big Sue Hawk speech if he makes the jury).

            Oops! Engineers aren’t perfect, and Pete’s theory on the remaining idols was wrong in his number theory, but with no access to Matsing’s TC ventures, it’s hard to fault him for his mistake. If Malcolm plays his idol, it will be great to see Pete’s reaction.    

            The aftermath of this weeks’ tribal council is like a tangled ball of yarn that I don’t know how to begin to untangle. Abi-Maria, wasn’t part of the voting block who got rid of RC. I think Abi-Maria didn’t know which way to vote, despite feeling obligated to not backstab RC and look back, so she threw a vote away, (a la Coach on Heroes Vs. Villains). This isn’t going to be good for Abi-Maria if she makes it to the finals.



            Penner was wise to use his idol and keep himself safe, but now it’s back to square one with idols and needs to go after as many of the younger guys as possible, since they are going to be his biggest threats to win individual immunity.

            Now the fun begins as the jury builds and relationships are tested. RC is now the Mayor of Ponderosa and the first member of the jury. The heat is on, and so is the game.


Will Lisa spill the beans on Malcolm?

            Can Penner keep the target off himself?

            Is Dangrayne a real word?


Have fun with this weeks’ episode!



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