Welcome back Survivor Buffs!


            Whoa, what a premiere. So many personalities and so much drama too! I’m still trying to wrap my head around this group and how the new twist will affect their game, for better or worse. Here it goes…

The opening sequence took a cue from “Survivor: Tocantins,” putting the competitors on their toes with Probst’s awkward Q & A session. Kourtney admitted she was an outcast by letting everyone know she didn’t fit in with her “nowhere” comment. But within minutes, several tribe mates waved their freak flags and Kourtney faded into the background. Colton’s comment about “some” of the men not being as good looking doesn’t bode well for his future. Good looks don’t get you far in the game and with a tribe of alpha males that won’t mean anything. Not 1 but 2 Tarzan’s in the same season! What are the odds? It’s not like casting to pick 2 similar personality types for the same season, but this is a great exception made for a fun filled battle to the very end.

            When you steal an axe from someone, they will have an axe to grind with you. Michael shouldn’t have went after the women’s supplies, because now he’s not only garnered distrust among the women, but some of the men of the tribe might be reluctant to team up with him…unless he can cleverly offer himself up as a third wheel and lay really low until he can strike out. Until then he needs to stay put and repair his image for quite a while.  

            SURPRISE! Tempers are reignited and recent friends, enemies, and frenemies are going to be living together a whole lot sooner than expected. Giving the contestants just a little bit of information and dropping the bombshell on the big stuff later on is what makes a good twist. Being less upfront about the twist is what makes the game so interesting when it plays off people’s assumptions. I wonder what Redemption Island would have been like had the contestants only known about it just before the first vote, or first duel?


            Not only did Chelsea, the country girl get the chickens for the tribe, but she wasn’t afraid to go toe to toe with the lawyer, and put him in his place. For now, the women will need a hero at times to fend off the alpha males, but if she becomes too alpha female, she’ll be sent packing in no time flat.

            How is Matt a part of the dominant alliance when he’s part of a 4 person group? Unless he has a secret alliance with the other 5 members of the tribe that we’re not seeing, Matt’s cockiness  and physical strength is a surefire recipe for an immediate exit if he can’t get immunity around his neck.

            The women’s attempt to butter up the guys was too little too late, and would have been a nice idea before the tribes started bickering at one another. Trying to micromanage projects in the jungle is going to wear on everyone pretty soon. Weaving 40 fronds in exchange for fire? What’s next, cook us some rice and separate the larger grains of rice and we’ll give you guys the smaller grains in return?. The women need to refocus their energy by rebuilding their strength and unity with each other, so shortcuts are out of the question.

The women stealing the fire only proved they could play the game of tit for tat, and with the (little) fire they had, I’m glad it burned out. These events aren’t placed in the episode for no reason. The women seem to have tiny sparks in their spirits, but those are only short lived.


The competitor in me wanted the men to say continue the challenge, but the strategic competitor in me agreed with the men’s decision to take the (default) win. The challenge really favored the women with the rope bridge and even worse, the balance beam. Men and balance beams haven’t been a winning combination in the past, (just ask Daniel Lue and Chris Daugherty).

Colton’s plotting too far in advance with the hidden immunity idol and he’s going to get more enemies than friends if he goes through with the blind side. Colton’s painting himself in a corner, as well as an outcast, and he’s flipping too fast on his own tribe. Colton is becoming the bully on a power trip and is going to be another embarrassment for super fans everywhere for overplaying a card too soon. 




The first time in Survivor history a woman had to be medically removed from the game, and the earliest one to boot. There’s a first time for everything, and unfortunately, Kourtney was it. Kourtney would have been an interesting character on the show had she lasted a little longer. It’s not every day you meet a female mechanic. She wasn’t afraid to get her hands dirty and she would have been a valuable, positive asset to the tribe.   

If the women are telling each other to shut up on day 3, this is the beginning of the end for their tribe. A self destruction this early on hasn’t happened since Gabon’s Fang tribe, and we all remember how that group ultimately fared.

While it’s still a little early to predict a winner in this crazy bunch, one thing is certain in this game: keep your friends close, and your enemies closer.

            Will the women rally back and win the next immunity challenge?

            Can Colton improve his relationship with his tribe?

            Which Tarzan do you prefer, Greg Tarzan, or ‘Troy’-zan?

            Tons of drama and precedents and its just week 1.

            The boards are open, sound off!


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