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Episode 1: First Mistakes are First Impressions

Friday, September 17th, 2010


   “My strategy from the beginning of the game is to take baby steps first…not be the first person voted off.” Well Wendy Jo, baby steps are a good thing, except when they are on everyone else’s toes.

After a long winded speech, followed by a unanimous vote, Wendy Jo became the first casualty of Nicaragua. While this isn’t an all-star season with seasoned players, that hasn’t stopped this season’s castaways from trying to become masters of the chessboard. 

Espada has the tribal elders already posturing for the top dog position, both outward and subtle. Jimmy Johnson, this season’s celebrity castaway, assumed the Coach role giving his team a motivational speech that unfortunately didn’t give them a victory. Jimmy T and Marty couldn’t have been unhappier with their Coach, and they’re both busy digging Jimmy J’s grave ready for him to fall in it for the next tribal council. While the guys are duking it out on the field, there is an assistant Coach working their way up the ranks. Jane (yes, you are reading this right). Jane’s practicality and determination gave the tribe fire and, aside from winning the first challenge, is the biggest morale booster this early in the game. Of all the castaways given some face time so far, Holly is my biggest question mark. Despite making a doomed alliance with Wendy Jo, jumped back to the majority with her tribe and avoided “guilt by association.” Holly made a good individual connection, but she needs to make those connections with other members (preferably more popular) of the tribe in order to avoid an outcast label.

Meanwhile, on the La Flor tribe, first impressions are also being formed and we have not 1, but 2 outcasts, one of whom doesn’t even know it yet! Jud (a.k.a. Fabio) rolled with the punches and took on his moniker with a smile on his face. Kelly B. the underdog in the making already has some obstacles to overcome. Shannon, Na’Onka, and Alina all shared their thoughts on her and how she doesn’t fit into their plans for the game. Kelly B. is already being labelled as someone who will get the “sympathy vote.” Note to both teams: this is day 1, not day 39, and this self preservation attitude will result in self destruction for either tribe if they allow this to be their strategy. Brenda gets the Sandra Diaz Twine award for feeling out her competitors first and letting things happen around her first before making moves. Brenda’s charm got the better of Chase who semi-revealed the all male alliance that has taken shape.

The Medallion of Power was introduced last night, and Espada chose not to use the power, which would have granted them one full bucket of water. I thought a bucket of water would have been a nice advantage, but the puzzle was the pivotal part of the challenge, and by letting the challenge run as is gave Espada the insight they needed to see where their weaknesses are and strengthen their tribe. Hopefully up is where Espada can go from this point.

Who do you think was this weeks’ M.V.S. (Most Valuable Survivor)? Is Jimmy Johnson going to recover and lead his team to victory? How valuable do you think the Medallion of Power will be this season?


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Survivor Nicaragua Next Week!

Friday, September 10th, 2010

Hey Survivor Buffs!

We are less than one week away before “Survivor: Nicaragua” premieres on CBS!