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Set Ascending Direction

UV Golf Buffs are back and on sale too!

Friday, May 16, 2014 4:29:46 PM America/Los_Angeles


PlanetBuff just purchased a bunch of past season UV Golf Buff designs! Now all at $18.99, save 20% while supplies last on these impossible to find UV Golf Buffs! You may not be able to play in this years British Open, but you can wear a UV Golf Buff which is sure to help your game!

Take me to the UV Golf Buff Sale!

Nine great designs to choose from!

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Football Flags Original Buff Ariving Mid May

Wednesday, April 30, 2014 4:30:37 PM America/Los_Angeles

Who doesn't love football in our world? the! It seems the whole world does. So get ready for a very special launch of  Buff® Headwear's "Football Flag" inspired Original Buff® designs,  available here at PlanetBuff. Fourteen participating countries from the upcoming FIFA World Cup,  will be represented in this Limited Edition Buff® Headwear Football Flag Collection. So root for your favorte country while wearing a Limited Edition Football/Soccer Buff®. Countries represented are Spain, England, Germany, Italy, France, Argentina, Portugal, Netherlands, Greece, Russia, Mexico, Chile and of course...Brazil & USA!! Hurry up though...this collection is truely a Limited Edition. Once we sell out of a specific country, it will no longer be available here at both and, our sister site!

Click here and you will be taken to this very exciting new Buff Headwear Collection at PlanetBuff


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Tepic Bandana Buff @ Socchi Winter Olympics

Monday, February 10, 2014 4:40:02 PM America/Los_Angeles

As seen at the Sochi Olympic Games this past weekend...the Tepic Bandana Buff® style! This course worker in Socchi at the Slopestyle Event, has made this Buff® style an instant internet sensation as well as a top seller for us here at PlanetBuff! Snowboarding is far from over at the Winter watch for this now viral Olympic worker wearing this great Bandana Buff®!

Just in case we sell out...we have a huge shipment arriving this Friday February 14th! You can always sign up to be notified at this link...we are now down to 1 as of this writing! But Friday will be here before you can say....Tepic Bandna Buff!
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Buff Headwear 2 Packs at PlanetBuff

Friday, November 29, 2013 8:21:43 AM America/Los_Angeles

Available now here at, just in time for holiday shopping season...brand new 2 Pack Combos of some amazing Buff® designs! 2 Packs are now available w Merino Wool Buff®, Original Buff®, National Geographic Buff®, Junior Buff®, Bugslinger UV Buff®, Polar Buff®, UV Buff® and Exclusive Buff® categories! Over 50 Buff® Combo Packs to choose from!

Great savings too on these special Buff Combo 2 Packs! Supplies are limited per pack, so as soon as we sell out of a pack, we will take it off our site. So hurry up and get your 2 Pack Combos now. Maybe 1 for you and 1 for that special someone on your shopping list?

Shop Combo Packs Now

                   Original Buff®                                                   Merino Wool Buff®


Added bonus right now, use the following Coupon Code at checkout and save $5.00 for each Combo Pack purchased. Great assortments, great deals and now an additional $5.00 off wit this Coupon Code! Happy holidays from the crew at PlanetBuff!


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New Buff Headwear 2013 Fall/Winter Collection Update

Tuesday, July 16, 2013 11:34:03 AM America/Los_Angeles

Buff Fanatics...get ready for the largest Buff release ever! During the 1st week of June, PlanetBuff will be proud to release the largest Buff Headwear release ever. A total of 167 designs in 24 Buff categories will be available. Highlighting this release will be 10 brand new Buff categories.

The #1 selling Buff category, the Original Bufff will have 46 new designs! Definitely the largest single release ever. The very popular Merino Wool Buff will have 9 new releases. Becuase of the growing popularity of the Merino Wool category, Buff has released 3 new Buff products made of Merino Wool. Watch for the Balaclava Wool Buff, the Neckwarmer Wool Buff and the Infinity Scarf Buff made of Merino Wool. So if you like Merino Wool products, Buff has certainly made you a happy camper!

PlanetBuff welcomes back Thermal pro material in 2 new Buff product categories...Neckwarmer Thermal Pro Buff, and theHoodie Thermal Pro Buff. Thermal pro was used years ago in other Buff products, and we are excited to have that special material back in this years collection.

We also welcome the all new updated Reflective Buff as well as the Buff Knitted Collection available in a neckwarmer as well as headband version. Get ready for lots of options for the winter season too, as Buff is releasing 13 new, amazing styles of the Reversible Polar Buff, 9 Polar Buff designs and 6 Junior Polar Buff styles.

So get ready for a great Buff Fall & Winter Season at PlanetBuff! We have you covered!

 Take me to the new Buff Fall 2013 Collection




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Posted in PlanetBuff New Product Releases By Scott Davidoff


Tuesday, October 2, 2012 9:09:22 AM America/Los_Angeles


                3 years ago, Russell Swan was on one of the show’s most dominant tribes with an almost unstoppable reign of power. Fast forward to the present, things aren’t going Russell Swan’s way. Sorry to any Russell Swan fans out there, but this is what happens what indecisiveness gets you in the game. Now Russell has only 1 way to go…DOWN. Operation: Hantz isn’t working, and aside from burning everyone’s socks, there isn’t much he can do to further himself in the game. Unlike Samoa, there aren’t a lot of tribe members per tribe so he needs to cement himself with a group and a role either as leader or follower and stick to it.

                What’s this? RC and Abi-Maria are having a spat in their relationship. It’s interesting to see when a supposed tight alliance has an off moment. If there is a crack this early on in the show, then somewhere down the line the crack can widen into something bigger. Even Rupert and Jenna in All-Stars had a tiff deep into the game and Jenna ultimately betrayed Rupert.  It’s not good for Abi-Maria to abandon all trust in RC just yet, but being a business student she can’t dismiss the cut throat nature of the game, which is a business trip.

                Penner finally found the idol! It’s like being Susan Lucci, or Martin Scorsese with so many failed attempts…but now it’s over! Penner can still make a big mistake (he ran by Dana pretty enthusiastically after getting his idol). He’s been part of a blindsided season with Micronesia, but not there to see it play out. If he’s calm about it, he can pull a Yul and use his idol to gain trust in someone else (like RC sharing the clue with Abi-Maria) and pull them to his side. That’s if he’s calm about it. Maybe an outsider from another tribe could be that person.   

                I’ve been holding back referring to Lisa’s past “Facts of Life” days, but it’s hard to believe that former popular girl Blair Warner is having a hard time fitting in with the tribe. Lisa’s acting experience has been zero help to her. There were no storms on “The Facts of Life,” and Lisa needs to step up and muster up all the strength she can get if she wants to win. Anything less than a 180 degree turn on her part isn’t going to help her. Mrs. Garrett, where are you?

                The Tetris immunity challenge was another blow to Matsing’s disjointed spirit. Whatever happened to work smarter, not harder? Note to Russell Swan, whatever happened to accountability? Losing his temper after the loss made himself a target and a liability with his delegation of the loss, even if the loss wasn’t his fault. Why shouldn’t the other tribes be able to beat them? They only communicate and work together when problems are in front of them. Those are the qualities Matsing severely lack in the challenges and need to get in order to win.

                Roxy made herself a target by pointing out the negatives in Malcolm and Angie’s relationship, when a little bit of subtlety would have worked better. Sure a duo is deadly in the game, but they represent a form of unity, which a failing tribe like Matsing needs for now.  Being vocal (albeit honest) about people’s positions in the tribe is a novice mistake and Roxy committed it.

                Malcolm wasn’t afraid to go to bat for Angie, risky especially with Probst ribbing him for the answer. Probst is a huge fan of independent gameplay and susses out any opportunity of a couple like that ever since the Romber days of the game. Malcolm’s trying to portray the relationship as something safer, making everybody else around him feel they are in a stronger position with him and Angie on their side. Denise’s confessional is classic bad strategy in the game, much like a victim doing something bad in a horror movie. They know they shouldn’t be doing it, but they do, and it’s only a matter of time until the move backfires on them.  

                Angie had her Purple Kelly moment of the season with her twitter-worthy cookie comment at tribal council. Who could be thinking of food at a time like that? I don’t think it’s to foolish to be thinking of food in those conditions, but Probst and company were thinking along the lines of team unity, not what you want when you get to Ponderosa, which is where she might end up pretty soon.

Roxy wasn’t afraid to address the “booby” trap, pun intended, and make it a no holds barred match. Unfortunately, Roxy went home and the cookie crumbled on her in the end.

                Malcolm is slowly turning out to be the biggest power players on Matsing, making everyone feel they are above the number 3 position in their alliance with him and Angie. He’s making them feel above Angie on the food chain, even though strategically they know aligning themselves with them is a huge disadvantage.

                Maybe Matsing is expecting a tribe shakeup/dissolve pretty soon and expect to hit reset on their games pretty soon, but I wouldn’t count on it, despite being a fan and having the advantage of next weeks’ preview at my side.


                Next week, Skupin hurts himself…AGAIN!

                Can Jeff continue to rally from his injury?

                Will Matsing rally from their losses?

                Does Lisa stand a fighting chance?


                See you all next week!


Images courtesy of:

Posted in Survivor Season # 25 By Survivor Troy

New Special Classic UV Buff Group @ PlanetBuff

Thursday, September 13, 2012 2:21:26 PM America/Los_Angeles

We have just reorganized some of summer UV Buff styles here at Please check out this link of Classic UV Buff designs, all at 5% off the Buff MSRP price! This sale of UV Buffs will last until we sell them all.  This special grouping consists of designs from many of your favorite Buff categories such as UV Headband Buff, UV Buff, UV Angler Buff. Once we sell out, you will never see these styles again. We are getting ready for the Fall and winter Buff buying season and need to clear out these UV Headband Buff, UV Buff, UV Angler Buff designs at these great prices! Over 35 sale UV Buff products to choose from. Every one likes a great check out our sale on this special Buff selection!

Classic UV Buff Grouping

Please note that the sale on the UV Headband Buff group is this link below.

UV Headband Buff Group

Please let the Crew @ PlanetGearBuff know if we can help answer any questions, at any time on any product of our website!

Posted in PlanetBuff Product News By Senior PG Blogist

New Buff Sport-Series MXS Gloves hace arrived!

Monday, September 10, 2012 12:51:51 PM America/Los_Angeles

The 2013 Buff® Sport-Series MXS Gloves, has arrived early here at PlanetBuff! The Buff® Sport-Series MXS Gloves are perfect for fly fishing, paddle sports and hunters who love to get out in the chill of the fall and winter season. There is no down times for Buff® product fanatics, and this new glove collection is here just in time for the fall angler and hunting season.

As always, there are tons of bells and whistles for this new Buff® glove collection. All Buff® gloves in any category will protect you up to *UPF 50 against the sun's harmful ultra violet rays. Look at the long list of Features & Benefits of the 2013 Buff® Sport-Series MXS Gloves

The 2013 Buff® Sport-Series MXS Gloves is also available in the Bugslinger™ Collection! The 2 models in this collection match 2 of the most popular models in the Bugslinger™ UV Buff Collection! Style and performance...thats what you get from Buff® !

Shop all Buff gloves now

Features & Benefits

  • UPF 50+ ultimate UV protection*
  • Full finger length
  • Breathable and durable stretch fabric
  • Naturally contours to your hand
  • Wet/dry silicone grip palm
  • Longer cuff for UV protection
  • Easy-on wrist pull
  • Stripping guards
  • Welted seams for reinforcement
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Survivor #25 Buff Collection has arrived!

Friday, September 7, 2012 9:31:04 AM America/Los_Angeles

Season #25 Survivor Buff® Collection has arrived early here @ PlanetBuff! This season there are 3 tribes...thus 3 CBS Survivor Buff® designs! Also available at PlanetBuff is a special 3 pack series with an amazing price. Check out the direct link below to this season's Survivor Buff® Collection! As soon as we sell out of this 3 pack special, you can only buy them individually here @ PlanetBuff!

Click here to see our 3 pack CBS Survivor #25 3-Pack special

Click here to view the planet's largest CBS Survivor Buff Collection

Info on Season #25...

For 24 seasons Survivor has traveled to the 4 corners of our planet. Treacherous oceans, mysterious jungles and epic islands as Americans from all walks of life fight it out for the million dollar prize. Once again, CBS Survivor is changing things up. This time, three tribes consisting of 5 members each.... will compete against each other while living together on one island. Each tribe will also have 1 past Survivor contestant on their team. The Tandang Tribe(rooster) will have Michael Skupin from Season 2-the Australian Outback on their team. The Kalabaw Tribe(water buffalo) will have Jonathan Penner from past seasons 13(Cook Islands) and season 16(Micronesia). Finally, welcome back Russell Swan from season 19(Somoa) to the Matsing(monkey) tribe. There are tons of internet rumors on what to expect this season from a 3 tribe concept, but no one really knows. Two things we do know here at PlanetBuff. One...the season starts airing on CBS Wednesday September 19th at 9 PM...and two...the best place to buy your Survivor Buff® headwear is right here at PlanetBuff....he planet's largest CBS Survivor Buff® dealer!

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Welcome to a all new PlanetBuff!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012 8:20:26 AM America/Los_Angeles

Welcome PlanetBuff Fanatics to our all new website! New graphics, layout, shopping well as the launch of the 2012 Buff® Spring Collection! 81 new designs in 8 Buff® categories...including 3 new Buff® categories...UV Golf Buff®s, UV Golf 1/2 Buff®, Bugslinger Buff® Collection as well as the Infinity Lyocell Buff® Scarf Collection!

We have also added Gift Cards! Starting at $20.00 and available in any denomination after that...let your special someone choose the perfect Buff® gift themselves.

We truly hope your new shopping experience is to your satisfaction. Please let us know at any time how we can improve your future shopping experiences with us here @ PlanetBuff!

The Crew @ PlanetBuff wants to say thank you for your continued patronage!

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