After last weeks’ game interruption/evacuation, things returned to normal for the contestants, and in ‘Survivor,’ that means plotting, scheming and every shenanigan in between. The women are still putting on their game faces a little too tight, but still managed to have a civil conversation with the men.  

Whenever someone is seen lying down, still in pain from a challenge, and being commented on, it only means one thing: your number is up! Typical red herrings from the editors can’t disguise the fact that there’s a minority alliance and the weak, older person needs to go.  

          The women can’t stop sabotaging themselves, even after they ironically make a speech about needing to communicate better. All the ‘Kat’-tiness is driving Nina crazy, since the majority of the tribe is immaturity. 

Where was Jeff? Did he take a personal day? Maybe his absence resulted from collecting his Emmy last fall for Outstanding Reality Host? Either way, Jeff’s absence really doesn’t add or subtract any substance from the episode. From the early press release, these do-it-yourself challenges will be common for the season. Maybe production hopes for an all out brawl to happen to the contestants, and with no Probst around, would make a juicy episode. If a fight were to break out among castaways, who would step in? Imagine that!

          What was Colton doing, taking an extended coffee break? He might not be the strongest member of the tribe, but that doesn’t mean he shouldn’t try to be useful around the camp. Even if it’s light work, get to it!

          How in the heck does Russell Hantz get another reference on a season he isn’t on?! Geez! There’s no relative of Hantz anywhere in sight this season, yet his name still floats around like he’s coming back for another season (I love Russell, but fingers crossed he isn’t). If I were Russell I would be offended being compared to someone who didn’t even find an idol on his own.

          Colton isn’t like a virus. He’s more like herpes. He needs to build a Colton shack and with any luck find Shambo at her Shambo shack and team up with her, because there’s no one else on the island to work with. If Colton digs any deeper, he’s going to find himself in a grave pretty soon.

          Colton is getting ready to make a big move early on with his ‘misfit’ alliance. If Colton keeps this up, he will become the greatest short term game strategist to ever play the game. Even if he knocks out 1 of the non misfits, he’s going to make himself expendable to his own side and give them the majority for a good part of the game.

Of the misfits, Jonas is the ninja. He watches from a distance, makes his observations, and knows the power Colton has. This is a solid edit in the making. He knows what he’s up against and he’ll make tactical and strategic moves at the right time.

Welcome back Jeff! Now he can actually host something this week! Surprisingly enough the men weren’t afraid to get close to one another, and more shockingly, communicate! Leif was the only minor hiccup in the whole chain. Something tells me Leif isn’t long for the game now. He should have been a fan favorite by now, and the only comment made about him in last weeks’ episode wasn’t a bigger part of the story. Leif has a bit of a temper and it’s starting to show.  The immunity challenge should have been the women’s chance to redeem them, especially if it involved a balance beam! What was with Kat? She must have been distracted by that bug from her opening confessional.

Kat, take responsibility on you for the loss, not your boobs! Too much of a good thing is bad, and if enthusiasm and excitement keep getting in the way, the women won’t have much to be excited about.

          Nina needs to blame casting for being stuck with a bunch of 20 year olds. Sorry Nina, but ratings are crucial and if this were “Survivor: Nicaragua,” things would be a little different, but that season is long gone.   

          Poor Nina, not only was she branded as the weakest link, but to add insult to injury, Kat said she looks like a bag of rocks! It’s frustrating when fate is out of your hands, and even worse, when someone without a real strategy is going to make it farther in the game.

          Kat’s got a new lease on life, and a school of life curriculum ahead of her. The women need to keep the fire lit under Kat to keep her focused and centered in the challenges if they want to get some mileage out of her.

          It wouldn’t be a shocker to see Kat gone if the women lose again, since the majority alliance is (too) big right now.

          Can the women make a comeback?

          Will Colton continue to lead the misfit alliance?

          Is Jeff going to show up for any challenges next week?

          Until next week, the boards are open