Le Tour de France Buff® Headwear Collection will be available at PlanetBuff by May 15th, 2015!

Available at PlanetBuff.com, no later than May 15th, 2015...the Officially Licensed Buff® Tour De France Collection! Consisting of unique licensed designs in both the UV Buff® and UV Half Buff® categories, we believe this exciting and exclusive Buff® Collection will be a huge hit with our cycling fans as well as Tour De France fans! Consisting of 6 designs in total, the Tour De France Buff® Collection reflects the heritage of the worlds most popular cycling event and the importance of the leaders "Yellow Jersey". Here at PlanetBuff, we have purchased a huge amount of these great designs. You never know how long certain Buff Colections will be around! Check back with us at PlanetBuff FACEBOOK where we will announce their arrival!

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