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Season #21-Episode 1: First Mistakes are First Impressions

Tuesday, February 14, 2012 8:19:25 AM America/Los_Angeles

Archive for the ‘Survivor 21 Weekly Roundup’ Category

Episode 1: First Mistakes are First Impressions

Friday, September 17th, 2010


   “My strategy from the beginning of the game is to take baby steps first…not be the first person voted off.” Well Wendy Jo, baby steps are a good thing, except when they are on everyone else’s toes.

After a long winded speech, followed by a unanimous vote, Wendy Jo became the first casualty of Nicaragua. While this isn’t an all-star season with seasoned players, that hasn’t stopped this season’s castaways from trying to become masters of the chessboard. 

Espada has the tribal elders already posturing for the top dog position, both outward and subtle. Jimmy Johnson, this season’s celebrity castaway, assumed the Coach role giving his team a motivational speech that unfortunately didn’t give them a victory. Jimmy T and Marty couldn’t have been unhappier with their Coach, and they’re both busy digging Jimmy J’s grave ready for him to fall in it for the next tribal council. While the guys are duking it out on the field, there is an assistant Coach working their way up the ranks. Jane (yes, you are reading this right). Jane’s practicality and determination gave the tribe fire and, aside from winning the first challenge, is the biggest morale booster this early in the game. Of all the castaways given some face time so far, Holly is my biggest question mark. Despite making a doomed alliance with Wendy Jo, jumped back to the majority with her tribe and avoided “guilt by association.” Holly made a good individual connection, but she needs to make those connections with other members (preferably more popular) of the tribe in order to avoid an outcast label.

Meanwhile, on the La Flor tribe, first impressions are also being formed and we have not 1, but 2 outcasts, one of whom doesn’t even know it yet! Jud (a.k.a. Fabio) rolled with the punches and took on his moniker with a smile on his face. Kelly B. the underdog in the making already has some obstacles to overcome. Shannon, Na’Onka, and Alina all shared their thoughts on her and how she doesn’t fit into their plans for the game. Kelly B. is already being labelled as someone who will get the “sympathy vote.” Note to both teams: this is day 1, not day 39, and this self preservation attitude will result in self destruction for either tribe if they allow this to be their strategy. Brenda gets the Sandra Diaz Twine award for feeling out her competitors first and letting things happen around her first before making moves. Brenda’s charm got the better of Chase who semi-revealed the all male alliance that has taken shape.

The Medallion of Power was introduced last night, and Espada chose not to use the power, which would have granted them one full bucket of water. I thought a bucket of water would have been a nice advantage, but the puzzle was the pivotal part of the challenge, and by letting the challenge run as is gave Espada the insight they needed to see where their weaknesses are and strengthen their tribe. Hopefully up is where Espada can go from this point.

Who do you think was this weeks’ M.V.S. (Most Valuable Survivor)? Is Jimmy Johnson going to recover and lead his team to victory? How valuable do you think the Medallion of Power will be this season?


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Survivor Nicaragua Next Week!

Friday, September 10th, 2010

Hey Survivor Buffs!

We are less than one week away before “Survivor: Nicaragua” premieres on CBS!

Posted in Survivor Season #21 By Survivor Troy

Season #22-Episode 1-WTMI

Tuesday, February 14, 2012 8:25:12 AM America/Los_Angeles


Thursday, February 17th, 2011

Hey Survivor Buffs! 16 new survivors, arrived on the Nicaraguan beaches to start the season Wednesday night, but one thing is already certain: old habits never die.

After being dropped off, the castaways were informed that they would be joined by 2 Survivor veterans: Boston Rob and Russell Hantz! Reactions were mixed for both veterans, but Boston Rob was obviously the more coveted Survivor to play with.

Steve and Krista swallowed their pride and reluctantly welcomed Russell, who quickly hugged and embraced Stephanie, his Natalie/Parvati to play with this season. Warming up to the evil one isn’t such a bad idea, after all, you want him playing with you, not against you.

Ometepe got to work on their shelter, and some got on each others’ nerves. Phillip became this season’s Coach and instructed Andrea the proper art of wood chopping. Fortunately, we didn’t get a far-fetched story on how he attained these skills, but that’s best for our sanity. Kristina earned the “What the…?” award for pulling a startegy from Russell’s handbook and embarking on a quest for the hidden immunity idol. Kristina hides her idol before heading back to camp. What did Kristina do that was worse, isolating herself from the tribe and going out for the idol, or her burying technique (gee, this log and palm frond will blend so well together).

At Zapatera, Russell stepped up, offering himself up as newly reformed and gave his new teammates more reason not to trust him. Russell needs to play this new leader status consistently, and resort to his old ways if he gets far enough into the game (and out of hidden immunity idols). Stephanie will be a casualty of war fairly quickly, and be targetted by the tribe for aligning herself with Russell. I wouldn’t be surprised if Russell offered her up as a sacrificial lamb to further himself if he gets in trouble.

At the immunity challenge, both tribes competed by pushing large blocks to form stairs, cutting ropes to release more stairs, capping it off with…a puzzle! Surprisingly, Rob failed to come through on the puzzle and Russell’s team claimed victory (maybe Russell can think clearere without looking for idols).

Back at Ometepe, Kristina, Francesca, and Phillip come together before tribal council and discuss their plan to blindside Rob with Kristina’s immunity idol. Why does Kristina think her plan is fool proof? This is only week 1 and already Kristina wants to blindside the most respected member of the tribe. Idols don’t control votes, the most they can do is eliminate a couple…if your lucky! More importantly, why do you think you can be in power AND be in the minority alliance, especially when 2 alliance partners don’t get along? This alliance was a  recipe for disaster, and all 3 should have thought about their feelings for one another before deciding to team up (Casaya 6 pack anyone)?

Ometepe gets to tribal council where Phillip dropped a bomb…ON HIS OWN ALLIANCE! Is there something in the air making the castaways shoot themselves in the foot, and head this season at TC? Inside, Boston Rob is grinning from ear to ear thinking, “just get me the check now, this is far too easy for me.” Speaking of, kudos to Rob, for putting the vice on Kristina and enlarging her target to maximum capacity. With the idol out in the open, and Kristina stubbornly keeping it to herself, there is no way but downhill for Kristina at this point.

Phillip’s dry vote came up last, sending Francesqua, I mean Francesca to her new home, Redemption Island. Gone, but certainly not forgotten, Francesca wasn’t afraid to admit the faults of her game, but the inconsistency and unloyalty of her alliance and fearless leader Phillip.

Why, oh why did they keep Phillip? Well, maybe he is being saved for a future vote when the tribe feels they can get rid of him and put him in a duel with a stronger player who can nudge him out on redemption island. Only time will tell if this move will backfire.

We haven’t even seen Redemption Island, but the fireworks have already begun! Next week, 2 dominant showdowns will take center stage, with Russell going against Ralph, and the ultimate battle of Phillip…vs…a crab! I look forward to the latter.

What did you think of the premiere? How do you think Rob and Russell will fare this season? Anyone want to call it now and have bragging rights for the season? SOUND OFF!

Images Courtesy Of:

Posted in Survivor Season #22 By Survivor Troy

Season #23-Episode 2-The Devil You Don't Know

Tuesday, February 14, 2012 8:31:38 AM America/Los_Angeles


Saturday, September 24th, 2011


Poor Semhar. She trusted people and look where it got her. Jokes aside, Survivor is a relationship of some sorts, a very, very intense one where believing in people (to a degree) is needed. But not all relationships are meant to be. Semhar needs to take the time to heal and be her own best friend these next couple of days so she can be ready for the duel next week.

Cochran didn’t really reinvent himself this week, but he has regained confidence in himself, and was realistic of his limitations. He doesn’t need to be Superman and he realizes that. He’s still focused on the game which will surely develop in the weeks to come. Oh and Mrs. Cochran? Your son is a Harvard law student, he is more than capable of handling a machete and being out in the woods on his own!

Jim making the 3 + 2 plan reminded me of Survivor: Gabon’s onion alliance which slowly but surely got peeled. Physically and mentally strong players need to distance themselves a litle bit if they want to survive for the long haul. Jim’s comment being highlighted this early is a sign that a swap is coming, and alliances easily split up and rarely recovers.


Brandon confided in Coach, which was a huge secret to reveal this early in the game. It’s funny how he thinks trying to take out Mikayla will prevent history from happening again. But he’s already following in his Uncle’s legacy by being so skiddish and controlling, and willing to do whatever it takes to get his way.

Future advice to all Survivor players: leave morals, emotional baggage, and your bible at the door. Failure to do so will result in stress and permanent strain on self-esteem.


Christine made minimal progress on her hidden idol game, and ultimately lost the rest of her social game. She also walked up and down the beach so much she dug herself and her alliance plenty of graves. Christine wears her agenda on her sleeve, and her face, making herself seem like a hawk ready to swoop down on it’s prey. But there is always bigger predators out in the wild, and the hawk is no match for a Dragon Slayer! More on that later.


Ozzy found his second idol in his Survivor career, making the Russell factor a complete embarassment for production. If they are going to continue to hide idols, why not plant fake ones? It sounds a little out there, but limit the number of idols someone can have at one time and hide some decoys out for castaways to play, with the risk of being voted out much greater. It’s a twist worth exploring and could be a head turner every week. At least it’s not the Medallion of Power.


The immunity challenge looked like a Renaissance Faire was going down. Cochran needed a challenge like this where physical strength wasn’t the name of the game. Cochran and the women struggled, but slow and steady did pay off for Savaii as they figured out round 2. The Upolu men really blew it for the team with the puzzle solving part of the challenge. But they’ve got other tricks up their sleeves.

                                  Survivor South Pacific episode 02

Brandon nearly blew it for his alliance at tribal but thankfully Coach had him on the leash tight enough to stick with the master plan and vote Christine. Kudos to Coach for keeping a good sense of humor and not letting his opponent intimidate him. Tribal council can be a pressure cooker, and it’s easy to be defensive and reactive. If Christine thought be reiterating the “temporary player” quote to her tribe was a way to show strength and unity, it worked…just not in her favor.

Right now it’s a man’s world on Upolu, and the women are going to have to work on making Brandon crack in order to keep themselves in the game. A swap seems possible, but isn’t a guarantee. Remember the old days when the tribes were evenly matched and the gender line was even from the beginning? This is Coaches’ opportunity to make a dent in the tribe and solidify a core group until the end, even if only 1 other male can make it post merge.

                                Survivor South Pacific Christine

Oh and Christine, Redemption Island etiquette rules apply to living back on the island…DON’T WAKE YOUR FELLOW TRIBE MEMBER UP!

                                Semhar Tadesse

Who will win the first duel at Redemption Island? Will Brandon crack under the moral pressure of the game? How will Ozzy’s idol come into play?

See you next week!

Images Courtesy Of:!/photo.php?fbid=10150299857285922&set=a.10150267871645922.331012.109976815921&type=1&theater

Posted in Survivor Season #23 By Survivor Troy

Survivor Troy is here!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012 8:35:10 AM America/Los_Angeles

Survivor Launch!

Tuesday, August 10th, 2010

Hey Survivor Fans,

This is Troy Maynard and I am YOUR SOURCE for Survivor: Nicaragua.

A little bit about myself: I currently live in Salem, New Hampshire and I am the Ultimate Survivor Buff! Aside from having a complete collection of every Buff ever made I have traveled all over the country to different charity events and met 139 former contestants from all 20 seasons (and I have the frequent flyer miles to prove it)! Most recently I went to Celebration, Florida to the Survivor 2010 Reunion, benefiting Give Kids The World Village, an outstanding organization.

Each week I will be recapping and sharing my thoughts on each episode this season. From the castaways to the challenges and everything in between. As Planet Buff’s official Survivor Blogger, I look forward to sharing my thoughts and love for one of television’s most influential reality shows every week. While the show doesn’t get started until Wednesday, September 15, the fun definitely will! Every week, leading up to the premiere, check back for my rankings of the best of all Survivor seasons from the landmark first season in Borneo to the recent blockbuster Heroes Vs. Villains.

Thanks for reading my 1st blog and check back soon for my next entry: Survivor strikes Comic-Con!

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Posted in Survivor Troy's Column By Survivor Troy

Survivor Strikes Comic Con-2010

Tuesday, February 14, 2012 8:36:35 AM America/Los_Angeles

Survivor Strikes Comic-Con!

Thursday, August 12th, 2010

Hey Survivor Buffs,

While the Survivor’s were celebrating in Celebration, Florida a last month, CBS took a golden opportunity to break some news on Survivor: Nicaragua.

Those who were lucky to attend the San Diego Comic-Con got some early info on the secrets of the new season, such as the number of castaways, tribal names and the gender divide twist.

But there was another incentive for the audience at the EW/CBS Comic-Con party: free Buffs! While fans might not be on the show (yet), they can wear their pride with the all new yellow (La Flor) and blue (Espada) tribal Buffs.

Coming up next week: The first of many entries in “Survivor: Blast From The Past,” where I rank the best of all Survivor seasons!

NOTE TO SELF: Need to order the new 10th Anniversary Buffs for my Survivor premiere party. Fall is also coming, might as well get some Polars’ while I’m at it.

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Posted in Survivor Troy's Column By PlanetBuff

Season #24-Getting ready for take off!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012 8:42:46 AM America/Los_Angeles

Survivor Fanatics...get ready for launch this Wednesday February 15th for the highly anticipated Survivor Season #24! Its guys vs girls this season...quick recap below from PlanetBuff site:

For 23 seasons Survivor has traveled to the 4 corners of our planet. Treacherous oceans, mysterious jungles and epic islands as Americans from all walks of life fight it out for the million dollar prize. Once again, CBS Survivor is changing things up. This time, two vs women.... will compete against each other while living together on one island. The women's tribe will be called Salani and wear Teal colored Buff®s while the men's tribe will be called Manono and wear orange colored Buff®s! Each tribe will have to decide whether to share their resources, or leave the other tribe to fend for themselves, as they battle it out on the greatest adventure on television. Two Tribes. One World. One Survivor. Starting February 15th on CBS...get ready for the highly anticipated Season #24...Survivor One World!

Watch tomorrow is going to be a wild season!

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Posted in Survivor Season #24 By PlanetBuff

Welcome Back Survivor Buffs! Season #24 is finally here!

Monday, February 20, 2012 3:42:59 PM America/Los_Angeles

 Welcome back Survivor Buffs!


            Whoa, what a premiere. So many personalities and so much drama too! I’m still trying to wrap my head around this group and how the new twist will affect their game, for better or worse. Here it goes…

The opening sequence took a cue from “Survivor: Tocantins,” putting the competitors on their toes with Probst’s awkward Q & A session. Kourtney admitted she was an outcast by letting everyone know she didn’t fit in with her “nowhere” comment. But within minutes, several tribe mates waved their freak flags and Kourtney faded into the background. Colton’s comment about “some” of the men not being as good looking doesn’t bode well for his future. Good looks don’t get you far in the game and with a tribe of alpha males that won’t mean anything. Not 1 but 2 Tarzan’s in the same season! What are the odds? It’s not like casting to pick 2 similar personality types for the same season, but this is a great exception made for a fun filled battle to the very end.

            When you steal an axe from someone, they will have an axe to grind with you. Michael shouldn’t have went after the women’s supplies, because now he’s not only garnered distrust among the women, but some of the men of the tribe might be reluctant to team up with him…unless he can cleverly offer himself up as a third wheel and lay really low until he can strike out. Until then he needs to stay put and repair his image for quite a while.  

            SURPRISE! Tempers are reignited and recent friends, enemies, and frenemies are going to be living together a whole lot sooner than expected. Giving the contestants just a little bit of information and dropping the bombshell on the big stuff later on is what makes a good twist. Being less upfront about the twist is what makes the game so interesting when it plays off people’s assumptions. I wonder what Redemption Island would have been like had the contestants only known about it just before the first vote, or first duel?


            Not only did Chelsea, the country girl get the chickens for the tribe, but she wasn’t afraid to go toe to toe with the lawyer, and put him in his place. For now, the women will need a hero at times to fend off the alpha males, but if she becomes too alpha female, she’ll be sent packing in no time flat.

            How is Matt a part of the dominant alliance when he’s part of a 4 person group? Unless he has a secret alliance with the other 5 members of the tribe that we’re not seeing, Matt’s cockiness  and physical strength is a surefire recipe for an immediate exit if he can’t get immunity around his neck.

            The women’s attempt to butter up the guys was too little too late, and would have been a nice idea before the tribes started bickering at one another. Trying to micromanage projects in the jungle is going to wear on everyone pretty soon. Weaving 40 fronds in exchange for fire? What’s next, cook us some rice and separate the larger grains of rice and we’ll give you guys the smaller grains in return?. The women need to refocus their energy by rebuilding their strength and unity with each other, so shortcuts are out of the question.

The women stealing the fire only proved they could play the game of tit for tat, and with the (little) fire they had, I’m glad it burned out. These events aren’t placed in the episode for no reason. The women seem to have tiny sparks in their spirits, but those are only short lived.


The competitor in me wanted the men to say continue the challenge, but the strategic competitor in me agreed with the men’s decision to take the (default) win. The challenge really favored the women with the rope bridge and even worse, the balance beam. Men and balance beams haven’t been a winning combination in the past, (just ask Daniel Lue and Chris Daugherty).

Colton’s plotting too far in advance with the hidden immunity idol and he’s going to get more enemies than friends if he goes through with the blind side. Colton’s painting himself in a corner, as well as an outcast, and he’s flipping too fast on his own tribe. Colton is becoming the bully on a power trip and is going to be another embarrassment for super fans everywhere for overplaying a card too soon. 




The first time in Survivor history a woman had to be medically removed from the game, and the earliest one to boot. There’s a first time for everything, and unfortunately, Kourtney was it. Kourtney would have been an interesting character on the show had she lasted a little longer. It’s not every day you meet a female mechanic. She wasn’t afraid to get her hands dirty and she would have been a valuable, positive asset to the tribe.   

If the women are telling each other to shut up on day 3, this is the beginning of the end for their tribe. A self destruction this early on hasn’t happened since Gabon’s Fang tribe, and we all remember how that group ultimately fared.

While it’s still a little early to predict a winner in this crazy bunch, one thing is certain in this game: keep your friends close, and your enemies closer.

            Will the women rally back and win the next immunity challenge?

            Can Colton improve his relationship with his tribe?

            Which Tarzan do you prefer, Greg Tarzan, or ‘Troy’-zan?

            Tons of drama and precedents and its just week 1.

            The boards are open, sound off!


Images Courtesy Of:

Posted in Survivor Season #24 By Survivor Troy

Welcome to a all new PlanetBuff!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012 8:20:26 AM America/Los_Angeles

Welcome PlanetBuff Fanatics to our all new website! New graphics, layout, shopping well as the launch of the 2012 Buff® Spring Collection! 81 new designs in 8 Buff® categories...including 3 new Buff® categories...UV Golf Buff®s, UV Golf 1/2 Buff®, Bugslinger Buff® Collection as well as the Infinity Lyocell Buff® Scarf Collection!

We have also added Gift Cards! Starting at $20.00 and available in any denomination after that...let your special someone choose the perfect Buff® gift themselves.

We truly hope your new shopping experience is to your satisfaction. Please let us know at any time how we can improve your future shopping experiences with us here @ PlanetBuff!

The Crew @ PlanetBuff wants to say thank you for your continued patronage!

Posted in By The Crew@PlanetBuff

Episode 2: The Outsider Looking In

Friday, February 24, 2012 5:53:31 AM America/Los_Angeles


          After last weeks’ game interruption/evacuation, things returned to normal for the contestants, and in ‘Survivor,’ that means plotting, scheming and every shenanigan in between. The women are still putting on their game faces a little too tight, but still managed to have a civil conversation with the men.  

Whenever someone is seen lying down, still in pain from a challenge, and being commented on, it only means one thing: your number is up! Typical red herrings from the editors can’t disguise the fact that there’s a minority alliance and the weak, older person needs to go.  

          The women can’t stop sabotaging themselves, even after they ironically make a speech about needing to communicate better. All the ‘Kat’-tiness is driving Nina crazy, since the majority of the tribe is immaturity. 

Where was Jeff? Did he take a personal day? Maybe his absence resulted from collecting his Emmy last fall for Outstanding Reality Host? Either way, Jeff’s absence really doesn’t add or subtract any substance from the episode. From the early press release, these do-it-yourself challenges will be common for the season. Maybe production hopes for an all out brawl to happen to the contestants, and with no Probst around, would make a juicy episode. If a fight were to break out among castaways, who would step in? Imagine that!

          What was Colton doing, taking an extended coffee break? He might not be the strongest member of the tribe, but that doesn’t mean he shouldn’t try to be useful around the camp. Even if it’s light work, get to it!

          How in the heck does Russell Hantz get another reference on a season he isn’t on?! Geez! There’s no relative of Hantz anywhere in sight this season, yet his name still floats around like he’s coming back for another season (I love Russell, but fingers crossed he isn’t). If I were Russell I would be offended being compared to someone who didn’t even find an idol on his own.

          Colton isn’t like a virus. He’s more like herpes. He needs to build a Colton shack and with any luck find Shambo at her Shambo shack and team up with her, because there’s no one else on the island to work with. If Colton digs any deeper, he’s going to find himself in a grave pretty soon.

          Colton is getting ready to make a big move early on with his ‘misfit’ alliance. If Colton keeps this up, he will become the greatest short term game strategist to ever play the game. Even if he knocks out 1 of the non misfits, he’s going to make himself expendable to his own side and give them the majority for a good part of the game.

Of the misfits, Jonas is the ninja. He watches from a distance, makes his observations, and knows the power Colton has. This is a solid edit in the making. He knows what he’s up against and he’ll make tactical and strategic moves at the right time.

Welcome back Jeff! Now he can actually host something this week! Surprisingly enough the men weren’t afraid to get close to one another, and more shockingly, communicate! Leif was the only minor hiccup in the whole chain. Something tells me Leif isn’t long for the game now. He should have been a fan favorite by now, and the only comment made about him in last weeks’ episode wasn’t a bigger part of the story. Leif has a bit of a temper and it’s starting to show.  The immunity challenge should have been the women’s chance to redeem them, especially if it involved a balance beam! What was with Kat? She must have been distracted by that bug from her opening confessional.

Kat, take responsibility on you for the loss, not your boobs! Too much of a good thing is bad, and if enthusiasm and excitement keep getting in the way, the women won’t have much to be excited about.

          Nina needs to blame casting for being stuck with a bunch of 20 year olds. Sorry Nina, but ratings are crucial and if this were “Survivor: Nicaragua,” things would be a little different, but that season is long gone.   

          Poor Nina, not only was she branded as the weakest link, but to add insult to injury, Kat said she looks like a bag of rocks! It’s frustrating when fate is out of your hands, and even worse, when someone without a real strategy is going to make it farther in the game.

          Kat’s got a new lease on life, and a school of life curriculum ahead of her. The women need to keep the fire lit under Kat to keep her focused and centered in the challenges if they want to get some mileage out of her.

          It wouldn’t be a shocker to see Kat gone if the women lose again, since the majority alliance is (too) big right now.

          Can the women make a comeback?

          Will Colton continue to lead the misfit alliance?

          Is Jeff going to show up for any challenges next week?

          Until next week, the boards are open

Posted in Survivor Season #24 By Survivor Troy

Episode 3: Big Girls Don't cry, they get fierce!

Monday, March 5, 2012 9:15:15 AM America/Los_Angeles


          Welcome back Survivor Buffs!

The promo was right on this week. The battle of the sexes hasn’t been a battle at all. But in true “Survivor” fashion, the tables turned this week, and the women got their mojo back…but not without a struggle.

Kat is still a target among the women, and her narrow escape last week doesn’t mean her mistakes are yesterday’s news. Kat doesn’t have many lives left, and she needs to step up and shake the “bad physical competitor” stigma until the merge.

          Somehow a warm fire didn’t appeal to the women at night, but after a pounding of rain and wind from Mother Nature, it didn’t sound so bad after all. There wasn’t any shame in the women taking the invitation from the men, but reusing an invitation isn’t cool (more on this later).   

When you watch a challenge play out on TV that involves a scoreboard, and no graphic appears on screen after the first 2 rounds, that always means 1 thing…BLOWOUT!

I’m only going to say this once this season…Colton made sense on something. The women shouldn’t have been given anything. Period! Giving the women the small ember of gave them a fire in their belly that is going to be pretty hard to extinguish. Going on a roll is a dream, and this will be the hindsight decision the guys will regret. The Drake tribe went through a similar situation in the Pearl Islands, and if it wasn’t for a certain ‘outcast’, they might not have come out on the winning side.   

The women got a little greedy when they re-used the men’s invitation to use the fire and shelter. How was it unreasonable for the guys to ask for use of the canoe? Quit biting the hands that feed you ladies! It’s called give and take for a reason.

How would the women have treated the men initially if they had all of the supplies and camp life the guys have? They probably would have been likely to give Colton some love, but make the rest of the guys tough it out. 

The women reached inside to find their inner Rupert and started catching some fish for themselves. They might not have gotten the buffet they wanted, but in those conditions, every little bit helps.

Future advice for anyone going to compete as a caller in a challenge: vague directions get bad results. Don’t be afraid to be specific to your teammates. Directions like “reach around” aren’t direct enough to lead anyone through a challenge. Leave it up to a puzzle to kill a team’s lead. The producers really wanted this win bad to give the women the edge they’ve needed these last 2 weeks. I wonder if the women got a sneak peek at the guys’ station before getting to theirs giving them the chance to catch up?

Colton’s ugly side in the game really got uglier when it came to his confessionals towards Bill. For someone who’s more than likely been labeled a few times in his life, throwing out the “ghetto trash” comment was disgusting and pathetic.

Jay took the leap to the dark side and became part of the misfit alliance. Isn’t it funny how a group of outcasts can go against the alpha males and turn around and recruit one of those alpha males by using fear and intimidation?

Just when Colton’s head couldn’t get any bigger, tribal council inflated it some more. Colton teased his idol but didn’t play it. He said he didn’t want to be like James in China and not play it, but where was the idol? Now that Colton didn’t live up to his word and kept the idol, everyone is getting ready to sharpen and throw their knives at any time.

Matt’s gone and the men have made a decision (thank to Colton) too personal too quickly. Matt’s game face was on too tight and he didn’t fit in the future plans of the other guys. Team spirit doesn’t last long on “Survivor” and Matt’s agenda got him a ticket home this week.

Why was Greg so curious about the remaining votes? The producers want as much suspense as possible, and hiding votes for other players isn’t in their best interest. But hey, you can’t blame a guy for trying.

Will the women keep up their momentum and win again?

Is Colton’s time coming to an end?

How much fish can the women catch?

See you next week!

Posted in Survivor Season #24 By Survivor Troy

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