NATIVE Eyewear DASH XP Lens Set of 2-Polarized Copper Reflex

NATIVE Eyewear's Polarized Copper Reflex lens set has 12% visual light transmittance(12% VLT) which correspondes to 88% visual light blockage. Boasting superior contrast and color, NATIVE's Copper Reflex lenses are best suited for moderate to bright sunlight. Delivers the brightest field of vision with the extra protection of a mirrored coating while enhancing detail and contrast. Designed to improve resolution and enhance contrast while maintaining color integrity.

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This NATIVE Eyewear  Lens Set of 2 fits any DASH XP sunglass model no matter what color the frame is.

NATIVE Eyewear's Clear lens set has 100% visual light transmittance(100% VLT) which means this lens set blocks out "no" visble light. This lens is also a non-polarized lens, and is perfect to wear at dusk, night time or overall low light conditions. Just a quick reminder that this Clear lens sets fits only the DASH XP model by NATIVE Eyewear.

VLT (visible light transmittance) is a measurement of how much visible light is allowed through the lens. A lower VLT means the lens is better suited to brighter/sunnier conditions, while a higher VLT is best suited to stormier or overcast conditions with less light.                                                                        

Technical Features

  • Non Polarized Lens:  Perfect for low light conditions or nightime use
  • Lens Material: Polycarbonate by NATIVE Eyewear have a strong, hard coating to protect against scratching.
  • Lens Tint: None-Clear
  • Lens Light Transmission: 100%
  • Olephobic & Hydrophobic Coatings: resists water, dust, fingerprints, oil while preserving wear and tear of lens
  • Polarized Lens: No
  • Fits Native Model:  DASH XP
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