Australian Survivor

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Oct 14th, 2017- We have been receiving so many requests from Survivor fans from all over the planet to purchase the Official Survivor BUFF® Headwear designs from Season 1 & 2 Australia, that we felt it appropriate and needed to provide consistent updates on this subject. We have been working with our friends at  BUFF® Australia since Season 1 to try and get the organization that controls the legal right to have Survivor BUFF® Headwear designs produced for resale. Originally there was no interest in them approving this, so BUFF® Australia could produce them for resale. BUFF® Australia does produce them for the crew and staff and of course the show contestants as well. This production is "very limited" as you can imagine, less than 100 per tribe exists.

We recently received an email from BUFF® Australia that they are making headway with the organization that owns the license for Survivor BUFF® designs in Australia. Without going into specific detail, there was a breakt hru recently as CBS just bought Network Ten! As I am sure you all know, CBS owns Survivor here in the USA. Were hoping since CBS in the USA clearly understands the importance of having Survivor BUFF® Headwear designs for each season available for resale, that they will approve this to occur starting for Season 3 Australia. Thru BUFF® Australia, we have asked them to include for resale Seasons 1 & 2 as well. In a perfect world, this would occur for the runup for Season 3 Australia.

July 25th, 2018-Only a month away from Season 3 of Survivor Australia...Champions vs Contenders. We had a face to face meeting with the owner of BUFF® Australia on July 23rd. They have tried so hard to convince Channel Ten(which is owned by CBS by the way) to allow them to produce Authorized SURVIVOR BUFF® Headwear for all seasons of SURVIVOR Australia. But the answer from Channel 10 is still no! There were only 75 sets produced for Season 3, all of which went to the production crew and cast. That is except for 1 set which he has given us as PlanetGearCompany is also a collector of all SURVIVOR BUFF® Headwear designs! We will post photos of them after the season starts on August 21st as we do not want to spoil anything!


Survivor Season 1 BUFF® Headwear Collection

Survivor Season 2(left) and Season 3(right) BUFF® Headwear Collection



We were promised by BUFF® Australia that they will continue to press the issue of receiving approval to produce and distribute SURVIVOR BUFF® Headwear designs for all seasons, past and future! We are keeping our fingers crossed here @ PlanetGearCompany!

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July 22, 2019-Another Survivor Australia season and officially no Survivor BUFF® Headwear designs available for purchase. BUFF® Australia spoke w Channel Ten(CBS) but they do not want to have them available for sale. Below is pictured 1 complete set of only 50 that were produced for the upcoming season. Our good friends @ BUFF® Australia just sent therm to us. We promise to keep in touch with them and keeping the pressure on. We are very bummed this keeps happening.

Survivor Season 4 BUFF® Headwear Collection!