International Shipping Details

PlanetGearCompany Fanatics live all over our great planet, so ships internationally! Have confidence that when you order from PlanetGearCompany, that your package will get to you quickly and safely!

We exclusively use United States Postal Service (USPS)! We ship out from our distribution center 5 days a week (Monday thru Friday), and during high volume times of the year 6 days a week (Saturday).

You will have 3 options on shipping:

1st Class

The least expensive service. Rates are extremely reasonable starting at under $6.00 based on your country as well as weight. Expect 2 weeks to 4+ weeks delivery time. Each country is different, but we understand from our customers that use 1st Class that your package should arrive in the 2-4+ week period. Using this class of service(Except for Canada), you will not receive tracking, but  you will receive a Customs LN# specific to your shipment.

Please note that youre package has tracking only inside the USA. The tracking will STOP at the city where it leaves the USA.

May 1st, 2017 UPDATE: Canada-Delays are occuring more than normal right now due to slow processing of packages by Canada Customs Department. Many customers are receiving their packages in the 4+ week time frame using 1st Class Service. We apologize for the delays occuring because of customs clearance times but unfortunately we can not control this part of the delivery.

Priority Mail

Rates starting at $19.00 based on country and weight. Timing is an average of 7 days to 2+ weeks.  We have seen packages arrive in less than 7 days sometimes please note. No tracking available outside the USA(Except for Canada) using this level of service, but  you will receive a Customs LN# specific to your shipment.

Express Mail

Quickest and most expensive class of service. You receive a tracking # with this class of service. You will receive your package in less than 1 week. You can track your package using this # at .

Once PlanetBuff processes your order, you will receive an email from USPS generated by PlanetGearCompany, stating that your package has been shipped. We ship out all packages quite quickly, most going out that same day if received by 12:00 PM PST (San Diego, California time). If your order is placed later in the day, it will ship out guaranteed the next day...except Sundays! In that case your package will ship out Monday morning.

If you want to know exactly how much your package will cost to ship, just add your order to a shopping cart, add your country name and our system will provide you a shipping quote of each of the 3 shipping options noted above.

Please let us know if you have any questions that we might answer. Just email us @ [email protected] and our Customer Service Department will get back to you before you can say...PlanetGearCompany!

Important Note on Timing of International Orders

PlanetGearCompany ships out quickly! Your order will leave PlanetGearCompany no later than 1 business day after you place your order. Your package should get to your countries customs department within a 10 day period. This varies by country, some countries less days, some more. Your countries customs department then needs to clear your package. The length of time this takes can vary drastically from a couple days to 3 weeks based on their package load. Then your countries delivery company that partners with USPS in the USA, will pick up your order and deliver it to your intended address.

If you get concerned about the length of time this is taking...please do not contact PlanetGearCompany, as we have no ability to determine the status of your package. Please 1st contact your customs department directly yourself...and give them the LN# that appeared on your email from USPS that you received at the time of shipping. We are always here to help, so please contact us after you speak to your countries customs department with any concerns that you have.