Our Story

Here at PlanetGearCompany, we just love gear products! We find then intriguing, fascinating and a very important part of our own lifestyle. We are always out there looking for the next "it" brand and product. As soon as we find it, we start testing it in the environment and conditions that it was invented for.

Many of these products are under the radar type propducts. Once tested, we bring in a small sampling of designs/colors as an initial test. Once we get the initial read on the product from our loyal PlanetGearCompany Fanatics...we blow the category up. What does that mean? Well we expand it fully. A great example is Banjees Wrist wallets and Kafka Kool Ties. We brought both of these brands into our sister site...PlanetGearCompany.com...2 years ago. Now we have the largest selection on the web for both these brands. We consider ourselves Banjees Headquarters! Same thing for Kool Ties. You will not find a larger assortment of those 2 amazing gear acessories.

Buff® Headwear is another perfect example of an exploding under the radar brand and product. Six years ago, we started PlanetGearCompany.com. Today, PlanetBuff.com is one of the largest dealers of Buff® Headwear in the USA. No one carries a larger assortment, plus PlanetGearCompany.com has their own Exclusive Buff® Collection, available only @ PlanetBuff.com.

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We are now expanding our love of our favorite gear brands to our newest site....PlanetGearCompany.com. We have added many new brands including Ex Officio, Outdoor Research, Sunday afternoons, Sweaty Bands (this brand will be huge) among the many. Watch for new releases of brands and products all the time!

If you have any favorite gear items or accessories that have the "it" factor, please let us know. If we add that brand or product to our site, you win a $50.00 retail shopping spree! Yes, you heard that correctly! Email us at CustomerService@PlanetGearCompany.com with your ideas.

Thank you for your continued support and love for gear products!

The Crew@PlanetGearCompany