OUTDOOR RESEARCH Adult/Large Essential Face Mask Filter 3 Pack-Large

Now that you have chosen to purchase the Outdoor Research Essential Face Mask here at PlanetGearCompany.com, it may be best to stock up on a 3 Pack of the Adult Outdoor Research Face Mask Filters. Along with the 3 OR filters, you will receive a zipable and reusable OR zippered pouch to hold your filters in. When received, this reuseable zippered pouch will be sealed by a OR sticker as this pouch was sealed at the OR warehouse facility in Washington state. The below image is exactly what you will receive.

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OUTDOOR RESEARCH Essential Face Mask Filter 3 Pack

About the Filter

  • Filters greater than 95% of virus, bacteria, and particles in accordance with ASTM test standards
  • Reduces the risk of contaminant transmission by utilizing very high filtration efficiency when used in conjunction with a mask
  • Made in the USA
  • Breathable & Non-Irritating

Compatible with both the OR Adult Essential Face Mask Kit and the Adult Adrenaline Face Mask Kit

The filters are designed to be disposable, replace based on your amount of use and judgment. If you live in a hot climate or wear a mask 8+ hours a day to work, you may want to replace your filter more frequently. Average wear should give you approximately 5-7 days.

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