Bolle FLYAIR Sunglass-Shiny Black w TNS Grey Lenses

Nestled on the edge of the French Alps, in the small town of Oyonnax - that’s where Seraphin Bolle and his son founded this brand, appropriately named BOLLE Eyewear. With every collection, you can feel yourself reaching new limits with a pair of these Flyair sunglasses.BOLLE's cutting edge frame and lens technology allows the FLYAIR sunglass  For the better part of a century, Bolle has delivered top quality eyewear, where the Bolle Sunglasses collection keeps surprising. Alpine attitude is everything the collection embodies and no matter how old you are, where you live or where you come from Bolle will take things up a notch and elevate your look. All BOLLE sunglasses are warrantied for 1 year from the date of purchase. Bolle requires the consumer to send directly to them.
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BOLLE sunglasses are precisely engineered to provide protection with tough lightweight frames and superior lens technologies. The BOLLE sunglasses collection offers a range of eyewear for competing in sport and for those with an active lifestyle.BOLLE have been producing high quality sunglasses since 1888. You read that correctly, 1888! Get eyewear that has a pedigree and meets the needs of specialty sports as well as for everyday wear. Today Bolle sunglasses have a selection of modern styles with strong technologies. With sunglasses for both sport and leisure, BOLLE focuses on sunglasses for golf, cycling, water sports and snow sports. The Bolle sunglasses range has performance and protection at it's core. These sunglasses combine fit, comfort and fashion. From everyday wear to the more particular demands of outdoor activities.

What we especially love about BOLLE sunglass lenses is their lens technology. In this day and age where many of us are wearing masks, all BOLLE Eyewear lenses have an Anti-Gog lens treatment. This will help keep your lenses from fogging up when wearing a mask. When wearing a mask, your breath is pushed up thru the mask which when it reaches your sunglass can cause fogging. With BOLLE Eyewears specially designed and added on Anti-Fog treatment this should not occur. The fog may appear, especially when walking into a air conditioned setyting...but will quickly go away or disapate.

BOLLE Flyair Technical Features

  • Frame Material: B-88 Nylon frames provide a lightweight, yet flexible frames.
  • Anti Fog Coatings-On all BOLLE polarized models only
  • Nose Pads: Thermogrip adjustable nose pads makes for a snug nose fit.
  • Polarized Lenses: Decreases eye strain by reducing harmful and annoying glare created by sun bouncing off pavement, sand, snow, car shield & more
  • Lens Material: B-20.3 Polycarbonate lenses-20 x stronger than plastic lenses
  • Ultra Violet Protection: 100% (Up to 400nm)
  • Lens Tint: Smoke-makes for a true color viewing experience
  • Lens Light Transmission:  88%
  • Olephobic & Hydrophobic Coatings: resists water, dust, fingerprints, oil while preserving wear and tear of lens
  • Polarized Lens: Yes-Blue Reflex Lens Set only
  • Designed Head Size: Medium to large profiles
  • Blue Light Blocking: Blocks more than 90% of potentially harmful Blue Light Rays



Please take care of your Bolle sunglasses. On those rare occasions where you are not wearing them, store them in their corresponding case or pouch. All Bolle lenses are made from an industrial-grade polycarbonate material that is 20 times more impact resistant than glass and 1/3 of the weight. All Bolle sunglasses lenses are treated with premium quality hard coating to help limit scratching. However, these Bolle lenses are not scratch proof. By taking a few precautions to preserve the Bolle lenses, they will last for many years.

  • To clean the Bolle lenses, blow loose particles off the lenses, then clean with a Bolle optical lens cloth or soft cotton cloth. A mild liquid soap diluted with warm water can also be used on the cloth;
  • Never use paper products to clean Bolle lenses;
  • Never use any chemical cleaner or cleaning agents containing ammonia;
  • Since salt is highly abrasive, rinse lenses with fresh water before cleaning;
  • Store your Bolle sunglasses in their protective case or pouch when not in use. Do not place lenses face down upon any surface. Never put your Bolle sunglasses loose in a pocket or purse where objects may damage the lenses. Do not leave your Bolle sunglasses where conditions are intensely hot or cold (for example, on the dashboard of your car).


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