Survivor BUFF® Headwear-Series 2-20th Year 40th Season Commemorative Series-Pack Run Visor -Black

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The iconic Survivor Season 40 Winners at War premiered on CBS on February 12th, 2020. So far, thru only a few episodes, the Winners at War season will be one to celebrate for many years. What a perfect time for the launch of Series 2 -20 Years and 40 Seasons Commemorative Collection here at! This Limited Edition Edition Survivor BUFF® Headwear Collection will consist of two Original BUFF® Headwear designs, and 2 new Survivor BUFF® products. The BUFF® Coolnet UV+ Multifunctional Headband(which is a half BUFF® and the ultralight BUFF® Pack Run Visor. All four of these products will be available here at for short period of time. So if you are serious about collection Official Licensed Survivor products, these will be a "must" add to your Survivor gear collection!


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CHUMS® Surfshorts Wallet-2020 Collection


The Crew @ PlanetGearCompany just loves the Chums Surfshorts Wallet...and this is the only wallet that we use when traveling, camping, hiking, cycling....or just about any on the go activity. Don't let the minimalistic design fool you. Not only does it hold a lot, there are so many compartments for you to keep organized.

We love the clear window for our photo ID. Behind the clear window is another section that holds credit cards, cash, you name it. Then you can zip that whole section closed. Turn it over and there's a 2nd zippered compartment...great for all your other important wallet stuff. Attach your most important key(s) and tuck them into its own little outside section. Lite-weight too...weighing in at a minimalistic 6 ounces. Material is diamond cross ripstop water resistant nylon. Truly amazing! Now you know why we love this wallet!

Technical Features

  • Weight: 6 ounces
  • Dimensions: 4.5' x 3'
  • Material: Ripstop water resistant nylon.
  • Dual Zip Pockets: 2 sections to hold your important wallet stuff.
  • Clear window: Easy viewing of picture ID
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